13U/14U Program

2020-2021 Roster Information

Please email travel.baseball@dhys.org for more information about this year's teams

Program Overview

The Monarchs program is designed to be different. We are designed to be the best blend between the cut-throat for-profit business of travel baseball and the rec baseball/All-Star experience. The Monarchs are all coached by paid coaches who focus on player improvement while winning ball games. 

DHYS offers a travel baseball program for 13U and 14U teams under the name of Medlock Monarchs (beginning with the 2017-2018 teams).  These teams provide DHYS families and other families in the Atlanta area the opportunity to play high-level, competitive baseball beyond recreational leagues.


Travel Team Oversight

The DHYS President shall have absolute oversight of the Travel Team.  It shall be the responsibility of the DHYS President to ensure that the Travel Team program is administered fairly and that each team represents DHYS to the highest possible standards of sportsmanship, competition, and conduct. 


Player Eligibility

Team rosters will be limited at 13 players (possibly 14 if approved by DHYS President) for each team. Nine of the players on each team are required to be “DHYS players”.  For 13U, “DHYS players” include anyone that played in at least two seasons in the Major League, including at least one Spring season.  For 14U, “DHYS players” also include players from the 13U Monarchs team. The remaining player selections are open and any player participating in tryouts (DHYS players and non-DHYS players) are eligible.  Any exceptions to the eligibility requirements for relocation, injury, and illness can be made by the DHYS President. All other exceptions must be approved by a vote of the DHYS Board. 


The teams shall be managed by a paid coach or coaches that are not parents or guardians of any travel team player. The coaches shall be chosen by the DHYS President.  Roster selection is the sole responsibility of the teams’ coaches.

Team Fees 

Travel team fees shall consist of an amount sufficient to provide payment for coaches, uniforms, tournament/game fees, and necessary team equipment/supplies. DHYS operates as a non-profit and, accordingly, approximately 95% of player fees goes directly into that year’s Travel Team budget with the remaining allocated to administration, field usage/maintenance, and other league related expenses. DHYS scholarship funds are not available to any player for Travel Team participation. 

Fees for 2020-2021 will be $2,600/player.  $200 will be due at acceptance of team offer and applied to the annual fees.  Payment options for the remainder include include: 1 payment of $2,400 prior to season, two payments –$1,200 by August 15 and $1,200 by January 15, or 8 monthly payments of $300.


Field Usage 

Each Travel Team shall be allowed field time as required in coordination with DHYS Senior League recreational teams and Middle School teams.

Schedule and Activities Overview

​Teams will be selected following tryouts for an August/September through June/July schedule. Team offers will be sent out as early as the day following tryouts until teams reach the determined roster size.  

Teams will play at the highest competitive level appropriate for each roster.  Coaches will focus on overall skills development and advanced baseball strategy to prepare players for high school baseball and beyond. Players and families must be prepared for a serious commitment and are expected to participate in 95% to 100% of all team activities. 

Fall season generally runs September through October/early November and includes 2-3 events per week comprised of on-field practices (two 2-hour practices each week), batting cage activities, and games/tournaments.  Expect to play in 4 to 6 tournaments in the Fall, and the program may also supplement games by scheduling doubleheaders or round-robin games with other local teams. 

Winter activities will focus on skills development, fitness and conditioning.  13U and 14U teams will likely conduct joint activities from November through January/February, working with professional instruction on batting, strength, speed and agility.  The majority of these activities will take place once per week at an indoor facility.  In previous seasons, the teams participated in eight weekly strength and conditioning sessions at D-BAT Perimeter, and eight hitting and training workouts at Phillips Baseball Center.  It is expected that the 2020-2021 season would follow a similar workout program.

Spring season resumes following Middle School season in early April.  Team activities will include on-field practices (two 2-hour practices each week), batting cage activities, and games/tournaments each weekend.   Coaches, parents, and league administration will determine the tournaments, which may include a “destination” tournament outside of the local Atlanta area. Expect to participate in 10 to 12 tournaments in the Spring season.

Teams generally participate in a mix of tournaments hosted by Perfect Game,  Grand Slam, Southern Sports Promotions, Training Legends, and other organizations. Tournaments are carefully selected to provide the highest level of competition appropriate for each team.


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